Roberto Torres


How long have you worked at Clarity?
10 months

What is your role here?
Product Development Engineer

What are 3 words to describe Clarity?
Creative, Technical, Progressive

What’s your typical day like?
Every day presents a new challenge. The only certainty is the need to be agile and pick up any project handed to me. We are tasked with various projects ranging from project planning, to identifying and resolving issues, and developing new features based on client requirements.

How has Clarity helped you grow as a professional?
Working on the product team has had me be involved in every stage of the development life cycle.  I’ve had the opportunity to work and learn from managers, coworkers, and even partners which has been invaluable in improving my ability to communicate with technical and non-technical people alike.

What social activities do you like at Clarity?

I’ve personally enjoyed the obstacle courses/races that Clarity has sponsored us to participate in. They’ve been nothing short of a blast! Also, the monthly social outings at various Chicago venues gives me the opportunity to really enjoy many of the great things the city has to offer.