Matt Ivers


How long have you worked at Clarity?
11 years

What is your role here?
Senior Consultant

What are 3 words to describe Clarity?
Motivated, Talented, Social

How's the work-life balance at Clarity?
Employee satisfaction is a big deal here. We work a 40-hour work week, and we push hard to respect that even when the client requires an aggressive development timeline. From a pure work standpoint, most days your work ends when you leave the office, beyond a few emails you might want to respond to after hours. Late nights and weekends are rare. From a social standpoint, Clarity has quite a lot of activities and sports teams, so I like to participate in those too - I’m on the Clarity flag football and volleyball teams.

What are your favorite technologies to work with here?
I’ve been around a while so I tend to lean towards the “classics” (MVC, C#, SQL), but a lot of the new front-end JS frameworks are pretty cool (Angular, React, Backbone, Knockout). The Azure cloud offering also continues to get more and more interesting.