Brandon Salm

Brandon Salm - 1920.jpg

How long have you worked at Clarity?
1 year

What is your role here?
Engagement Engineer

What are 3 words to describe Clarity?
Bright, Dedicated, Fun

How's the work-life balance at Clarity?
The best I’ve ever experienced. All the managers and directors at Clarity are extremely understanding and are flexible when you need to be out of the office. You’ll never be asked to work without pay, like a lot of other consulting companies try to do. If you work over 40 hours a week, you’ll be compensated on a per-hour basis for the hours you work over.

What are your favorite technologies to work with here?
My project for Facebook has been a blast. I've only been here for a year and already had so many opportunities to work with unique and exciting technologies for extremely high-profile clients.